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Just Like a Fairy Tale

Fairy tales are usually set in magical lands with beautiful forests, gorgeous countryside towns, enchanting castles and turquoise rivers. They are filled with stunning princesses, handsome princes, kind old ladies, evil stepmothers, wise witches, magical dwarves and much more. We read about them in books, we see them on TV, but we never seem to find those things in reality. Although worlds like these seem unreachable and far-fetched, we can sometimes see such mythical lands in real life as well but only if we are really, really observant. Taking a trip through Slovenia, we might just find ourselves in the middle of one of such places. The first city that comes to mind is Bovec. Usually the centre for everyone that loves sports like Bovec rafting and canyoning Soca, the area is often full of people, who often fail to see the beauty around them. If you are alert, you might notice amazing, almost mysterious nature. Besides Bovec rafting and canyoning Soca, the landscape provides a number of opportunities for you to enjoy the dazzling view. Even Hollywood is convinced about the allure of Bovec as a part of the famous movie adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia was filmed there. Bovec rafting and canyoning Soca are thus definitely not the only reasons to visit this extraordinary town. Another real-life fairy tale which you can experience in Slovenia is the land of the country’s most well-known literary hero, Kekec. Because of the beloved character, the ravishing mountain landscape of Kranjska Gora became the home of the re-enactment of the beautiful story of this kind boy. Because of that, Kranjska Gora is widely visited by wishful children and nostalgic adults, who want to forget about the every-day worries and lose themselves in the world of fairy tales – even if it is just for an afternoon.

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