Canyoning Soca
Športne aktivnosti

Alternative experiences on the Soca River

First-timers and beginners will find a lot of fun and challenge on the Soca River. There are all kinds of stuff to try, the most popular being rafting and kayaking. And they really do offer loads of fun, maybe even enough to last you throughout your stay without the need to try anything other out of the local tourist offer. But that’s not for everyone – there are experiences beyond rafting and kayaking that are definitely worth seeking!

If you enjoy floating down the gentle river stream, hydrospeed might be the best alternative to boats. There is some offer for hydrospeed, Bovec probably has the best chances to fulfil the wishes of visitors looking for this kind of entertainment. For hydrospeed, Bovec is also very well suited because of the attractive characteristics of the river in this part. You can enjoy dynamic and interesting ride while exploring the pristine nature on the river banks. That’s why this is one of the most popular alternative experiences on the Soca River. Hydrospeed Bovec is definitely up there with the most amazing things to try in town.

Not into big rivers and floating down the water? Try canyoning! Soca is too big for this, so you’ll have to visit smaller streams instead, which is perfect for many adventurers seeking unique experiences. There are several waterways that are ideal for canyoning, Soca offers this in form of its tributaries with narrow and deep canyons. Some of the streams can be pretty wild and seemingly unexplored, lending to a very attractive experience of canyoning. Soca is big and wide, while the tributaries are narrow, dynamic, and full of interesting natural obstacles you have to overcome on your way down the stream. Waterfalls, cliffs, natural toboggans, and other features are standing in the way, offering a challenge and fun!

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