Go with the flow on the Soca river
Športne aktivnosti

Go with the flow on the Soca river

Spending your vacation in the Soca valley? The least stressful way to organize all the thrilling activities is to go with the flow – figuratively and literally! There is a good reason why the popular activities are popular, and the safest bet is to pick some of the most popular options and see why people like them.


On top of the list of popular activities in the Soca valley is rafting. Bovec has several tourist agencies offering guided tours, equipment rentals, and transportation. Of course, there are other suitable towns for rafting, Bovec is just one among them – agencies in Kobarid and Tolmin offer their own tours as well. In this way, you can adapt your experience with rafting, Bovec generally offers a thrilling adrenaline experience while the offers in Tolmin focus more on the scenic tours. 


Soca river kayaking is another recommendation among the most popular activities in the Soca valley. This activity aims at a different target group – while rafting is perfect for families, classmates, colleagues, and other groups, Soca river kayaking can easily be done solo or in a pair, offering even more freedom to tailor the experience to your tastes. Of course, there are guided tours, kayak schools, and other options to help you if you’re not prepared to tackle the river alone. The wide variety of options help bring the Soca river kayaking closer to all the visitors that wish to experience the fun of exploration and paddling along the beautiful river.

Other activities

The offer for rafting and kayaking is extensive, but there are several other popular choices. If you want a unique experience while exploring the hidden corners of the valley, choose canyoning. Another good choice for floating down the river is hydrospeed.

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